A Church That Keeps It 💯 ! - 1 Pet. 1:7, 1 john 3:18

Meet Our Founder & Presiding Bishop

The Most Revd. Dr. Kenneth K. Booth, Jr. (DTh., DDiv.)

Dr. Kenneth K. Booth, Jr. stands as a dynamic and multifaceted leader, channeling his life’s work into the spheres of spiritual stewardship and entrepreneurial ventures. Born in May 1983, his journey epitomizes unwavering dedication, diverse talents, and a profound calling that has guided his path from an early age.

From his formative years, Dr. Booth’s extraordinary gift of prophecy illuminated the divine purpose shaping his life. His immersion in theological teachings during junior high, attending his mother’s Bible college sessions, laid the bedrock for his spiritual quest.


Dr. Booth’s commitment to ministry showcased his versatility in various church roles. Whether steering media departments with technological prowess or offering administrative support and counseling, his dedication to his faith community was unmistakable. His tenure as Chief Adjutant further underscored his adept leadership and organizational skills.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Booth pursued educational programs, culminating in the attainment of two doctorates. These degrees, founded on life experiences and culminating in final thesis submissions, underscore his unyielding commitment to personal and spiritual growth.


Beyond his spiritual pursuits, Dr. Booth thrived in diverse secular domains including coding, design, stocks, crypto, and business management. His entrepreneurial spirit resonates in successfully owning and managing ventures like Remnant Nation TV & Media LLC, Gladiator Entertainment LLC, Sir Maestro Wears Fashion Co., and Sir Maestro Publishing.


For over 15 years, Dr. Booth has led as President of the NAACP Coachella Valley Chapter, a testament to his dedication to community service. His current venture into the City Council candidacy for San Bernardino, Ward #7, highlights his commitment to enacting positive change within the community.


Dr. Booth’s spiritual lineage deeply intertwines with apostolic and COGIC traditions, evident in his family’s heritage of notable figures within these denominations. This heritage underscores his profound connection to spiritual roots.

Set to undergo episcopal consecration by COAAB (The Congress of Apostles and Bishops) in September 2023, this pivotal moment marks a significant milestone in his ministerial journey. His active involvement in Christian ministries and his forthcoming role as Bishop of the Adjutancy for the National Office solidifies his unwavering commitment to service.


In essence, The Most Revd. Dr. Kenneth K. Booth, Jr. embodies a testament of unwavering faith, entrepreneurial acumen, community advocacy, and deep commitment to serving God’s people. Dr. Booth’s mission remains steadfast: to create opportunities, offer spiritual guidance, and resources while serving humanity with compassion and encouragement, all in service and glorification of God.

The Real Church Of The Desert Cathedral Inc.

Direct:  909.756.2427

Email:  contactus@therealchurchofthedesert.com

Weekly Service Times

Sunday’s :  11am PST

Wednesday’s:  2:30pm PST / 7:30pm PST

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